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SPRINGFIELD, MO: May 17, 2006: (AMEX: DCZ) - Decorize, Inc. announced today that they have signed a Letter of Intent with Jamie Drake: Glamour Home LLC, a New York based company founded by internationally renowned designer Jamie Drake.

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Jamie Drake: Glamour Home will manufacture and market home décor, home gifts and accent furniture, designed by Jamie Drake and bearing the Jamie Drake name on the label. Conceived as harmonized collections, each collection will reflect surprise and movement, the hallmarks of the designer's talent. This new presentation of products brings the expertise of an acknowledged design luminary a wider audience of consumers in the growing luxury home accessories market, and will introduce an American designer to the attention of a United States consumer market segment that holds designer names in great esteem. Market Research indicates a strong consumer preference for designer endorsement.

Jamie Drake has established an international reputation as an interior designer who has a unique ability to work with color and shape, integrating antique and contemporary elements with one-of-a-kind pieces of his own design. Jamie is adroit at designing original furnishings and home décor from furniture to grand scale carpets. He brings the credibility of renowned talent and hands-on-design experience to a field relatively light in 'designer' names, where a number of better known designers come from outside the industry. Of great relevance to this business venture is Jamie's flexibility, exemplified in his ability to create magnificent living spaces within wildly divergent architectural structures as well as across international boundaries. Noteworthy projects receiving press coverage have included a contemporary loft in Lower Manhattan, traditional splendor in London and island chic in Bermuda. Jamie's range is extremely broad, further attesting to his creative credibility. He has successfully tackled the faithful Federal period restoration of Gracie Mansion, New York City's Official Mayoral Residence, and the Vienna Secessionist styled New York Society for Ethical Culture auditorium.

Management recognizes in Jamie Drake the potential for him to become the emerging designer in home décor, a field with relatively few designer names- yet one in which research indicates a strong consumer preference for branded endorsement. Jamie Drake embodies the unique combination of talent, experience, credibility, flexibility, charisma and public persona requisite to build a designer following. The Jamie Drake:Glamour Home stylish and comprehensive collections will offer immediate gratification to discerning consumers who can make their selections in the afternoon and use them to entertain in the evening.
Jamie Drake: Glamour Home, using coordinated publicity efforts based on his real experiences and successes, will project him as just that, the purveyor of great practical creations for the home, with the goal of creating a new American standard for luxury home gifts and décor.

The three Jamie Drake:Glamour Home Managing Partners team are highly motivated, experienced and qualified in all aspects of luxury and luxury products and have been actively involved in the dynamic growth of designer fashion. They have worked successfully as a team on special home décor projects over the years. Jamie Drake:Glamour Home gives them the opportunity to expand this collaboration in a broader venue.